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TerraSteel Wallet (3 pieces)

TerraSteel Wallet (3 pieces)

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For the secure storage of your seeds.

3x TerraSteel Wallet: each includes an outer housing, the disc holder, and 30 high-quality seed discs.

The little brother of the Titan Wallet is 10mm shorter and entirely crafted from 316 stainless steel (V4A). Its excellent material properties make it a reliable companion, especially in outdoor environments.

While the TerraSteel Wallet already boasts impressive material characteristics, in extreme situations, our Titan Wallet is the most secure choice.


The products are delivered without special packaging.
For the stamping of seeds, a stamping tool is required, which is not included in the delivery.
You can find suitable stamping tools in our shop and in our kits.

Use it at your own responsibility.

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