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5x Security Bag (Tamper-evident)

5x Security Bag (Tamper-evident)

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Our security bag (tamper-evident) is the ideal companion for your Bitcoin Seed and other valuable items. Key features:

  • Tamper-evident: The bag clearly indicates any attempted tampering.
  • One-time sealing: Tampering is prevented as the bag can only be opened through destruction.
  • All-around protection: Effective safeguard against mechanical access, steam, moisture, heat, freezing, and solvents.
  • Easy handling: Quick sealing with unique numbering and tear-off receipt.
  • Robust construction: Strong seal and tear-resistant double-welded foil for long-lasting integrity.
  • Certified security: Complies with the security standards of banks and authorities.

Technical specifications:

  • External dimensions: 185 x 265 + 30 mm receipt strip
  • Internal dimensions: 175 x 255
  • Material: 50 my LDPE transparent foil

Our security bag (tamper-evident) is the perfect companion for your Bitcoin Seed, providing additional security by making tampering attempts visible. It can also be used for other items or banknotes.

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