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5x Seal Strips for Your Seed Backup

5x Seal Strips for Your Seed Backup

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The seal strips ensure the integrity of your seed backups. Thanks to a discreet design and a size of 80 mm x 8 mm, our seal strips provide additional security without revealing the contents.

Discreet Elegance: Our seal strips are intentionally designed to be simple, avoiding unnecessary attention. Their inconspicuous design ensures seamless integration into any environment.

Unique Identification: Each seal strip is marked with an individual number to ensure traceability. This uniqueness allows you to quickly determine whether your seed backup may have been opened.

Destructible Design: The seal tears into many small pieces upon removal, providing a clear indication of tampering. This destructible feature ensures that any attempted opening is immediately detectable.

Easy Application: The seal strips can be easily applied, offering a straightforward way to protect your seed backups.

Included are:

  • 5 seal strips with individual numbers
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